JDC Immigration Staff Presenting at UC Davis Class


On Thursday, February 28, Mario Castillo Martinez and Hamid Yazdan Panah of the Northern California Rapid Response and Immigrant Defense Network (NCRRIDN), housed at the Justice & Diversity Center (JDC), were invited to present as guest lecturers by Dr. Caitlin Patler at UC Davis. Together with co-panelist Karla Rodriguez Beltran, Ph.D. student in Cultural Studies, they presented at Dr. Patler’s Sociology 4: Immigration and Opportunity class


From left, Mario Martinez, Hamid Yazdan Panah, Karla Rodriguez Beltran, and Dr. Caitlin Patler.


The lecture offered an opportunity for undergraduates at UC Davis to understand the model of NCRRIDN and opportunities to get involved in immigrant defense. Dr. Patler has been involved with NCRRIDN’s work as a consultant and technical advisor with regard to data, intake and research

Learn more about NCRRIDN and JDC’s Immigrant Legal Defense Programs at http://www.sfbar.org/jdc/legal-services/immigration/index.aspx