Justice & Diversity Center Welcomes New Director of Donor and Community Engagement



The Justice & Diversity Center (JDC) of the Bar Association of San Francisco welcomes Shuwaski Young as our new Director of Donor & Community Engagement.  A Mississippi native, Shuwaski moved to California after serving in the Obama Administration’s Department of Homeland Security, overseeing the nationwide “If You See Something, Say Something™” public awareness campaign. Most recently, he served as the California Democratic Party’s organizing director for the San Francisco Bay Area during the 2018 mid-term primary elections.

Here’s what Shuwaski had to say about his new role:

What excites you about working for the Justice & Diversity Center?

I feel honored to be working alongside our legal and management professionals here at JDC. It’s truly exciting to be part of an organization that leads the way in the area of diversity pipeline program planning, pro bono legal services, and immigration rights.

What about JDC’s mission resonates with you most?

My professional career is a consistent commitment to doing work that’s centered in serving the community; whether fighting for racial equality, for equal access to education or housing, or for low-income families. I’m truly glad to be part of an organization that aims to level the playing field around those inequalities.

What’s your philosophy around community engagement?

Community engagement is all about bringing people together to achieve a collective agenda with the end goal of providing service to others.  How we view and activate our personal and professional networks is key to whether or not we are successful in providing a well-rounded service opportunity to the communities that we care deeply about. This philosophy has successfully carried me throughout my professional career and I look forward to bringing this same truth to JDC.

Please join us in welcoming Shuwaski Young to JDC. Contact Shuwaski to learn more about supporting JDC programs and events, at syoung@sfbar.org.