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Legal Writing Tip: Get Active in Your Editing; Eliminate Passive Voice

One of my chief editing tips is to read your document repeatedly, each time scanning for only one thing – excessive commas, unnecessary capitalization, throat-clearing, etc.

The first scan should probably be devoted to eliminating passive voice.

Legal Writing Tip: Learning to Convey Your Expertise

You’re a lawyer, not an academic. In briefs, opinion letters and client communications, you must convey your expertise simply, even when describing something complex. Consider yourself a technical writer, a knowledge expert just like a software manual writer, whose job is to assimilate information for the reader.

Legal Writing Tip: It’s All in the Numbers

Writing numbers can be tricky, especially because there are conflicting rules about how to do it. The Associated Press, for example, has different guidelines than other popular style manuals.  And…

Legal Writing Tip: Writing for Mobile

Leslie A. Gordon Tablets and smart phones have launched a culture of portable reading. Clients today review opinion letters on iPhones, for example. And now that courts manage documents electronically,…