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Are You Applying the Right Strategy to Settle Your Case?

By Guy Kornblum, Kornblum, Cochran, Erickson & Harbison   Experienced lawyer or more junior, I ask the question:  are you applying the right techniques for giving you the best chances…


Upping our Game: Mindfulness and Meaning in Mediation

By Barbara Bryant, Esq. Whether you are a relatively new mediator or have been mediating for decades, you may ask yourself on occasion why a mediation didn’t settle, or even…


SFUSD Partners with BASF’s Mediation Program to Bring ADR into the Schools

Beginning in the fall of 2014, and under the initial leadership provided by retired San Francisco Judge Patrick Mahoney, representatives from BASF’s Mediation Services Program and key personnel at the…


The Importance of Mindfulness in Mediation

By Gabriel Leif Bellman As the human brain evolves to include senses-engaging Apple Watch communication and avatar only mood emoticons, it is important for those of us who practice in…


Negotiating Agreements in the Middle East

Fred Carr, Carr & Venner ADR Serving as legal counsel in various capacities in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates between 2008 and 2012, negotiating agreements between private, governmental and NGO…


Consider Mediating Fee Disputes Gracefully

Sometimes clients will fail to pay or dispute your bill because they are disappointed at the outcome of litigation, or, whilst your work was properly performed, your billing methods lack transparency, leaving the client unable to understand the bill, frustrated and legitimately asking questions. In the worst situations, the work actually may have fallen below the client’s reasonable expectations or the standard of care and the fee was undeserved.


The New Law Practice of Dispute Resolution

The role of the civil litigation advocate is changing from an advocate in the adversarial process to a leader in the dispute resolution process. Without compromising the lawyer’s role as an advocate and salesman for the client’s cause, the emphasis is more on resolution than contentious advocacy.


Mediator Spotlight: Patricia Prince

Bar Association of San Francisco Mediation Services Panelist Patricia Prince is a private mediator, offering dispute resolution services in San Francisco, Marin County and the Greater Bay Area. She focuses…


Mediator Spotlight: Judge Ron Greenberg (Ret.)

Bar Association of San Francisco Mediation Services Panelist Judge Ron Greenberg, Retired has 30 years of combined judicial, mediation, and arbitration experience. He provides a unique service by merging his…