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Tips for Better Presenting Photographs in Court

Michael Kelleher This article was first published by Michael Kelleher on the Cogent Legal Blog at cogentlegal.com/blog/2014/08/tips-for-photographs-in-court Well-presented photographs are powerful tools for litigators. In this post, I’ll share some samples that…

Morgan C. Smith and Michael Kelleher

New Partnership Helps Law Firms Present Their Cases With State-of-the-Art Visuals and Trial Tech

Michael Kelleher has joined Morgan C. Smith as a co-owner and manager of Cogent Legal, an Oakland-based litigation graphics firm that provides attorneys with state-of-the-art demonstratives and support for trial.


Mediating in the World of Antitrust: Part II

Antitrust litigation is increasingly international. Whether it’s the price-fixing of computer chips, LCD screens, diamonds or fertilizer, U.S. courts frequently assume jurisdiction over foreign defendants accused of conduct that affects…


Mediating in the World of Antitrust: Part I

Antitrust litigation is, fundamentally, regulatory law, largely waged as a complex battle of economic experts. Threats of civil damages are in the hundreds of millions. Joint and several liability in…