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Alice Shikina and Sanford Kingsley

BASF Welcomes New Mediators to Mediation Service

Alice Shikina of Shikina Mediation and Arbitration is a certified mediator with a unique background. She has over 20 years of theatre experience, which she brings to her mediation practice….

Thomas Crosby

Thomas Crosby Joins BASF’s Bay Area Mediation Service

Meet Thomas Crosby, Crosby Law Group, the newest mediator to join BASF’s Bay Area Mediation Services panel. His areas of experience include: Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Toxic Torts, Professional Malpractice,…

Consider Mediating Fee Disputes Gracefully

Sometimes clients will fail to pay or dispute your bill because they are disappointed at the outcome of litigation, or, whilst your work was properly performed, your billing methods lack transparency, leaving the client unable to understand the bill, frustrated and legitimately asking questions. In the worst situations, the work actually may have fallen below the client’s reasonable expectations or the standard of care and the fee was undeserved.