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Avoiding Improper Contacts With Represented Parties [Self Study CLE]

Earn one hour of Legal Ethics MCLE credit by taking this self-evaluation exam.
An important component of legal work, whether litigation or transactional, involves interacting with other parties, many of whom may be represented by counsel. These interactions take place through various methods of communication, including in-person, written, telephonic and electronic. Technological advances, including social media, have increased the methods and ease with which communications are made. As our ability to communicate continues to evolve, it is important for attorneys to have a thorough understanding of the ethical prohibitions on contacting represented parties.

Addressing Bias in the Legal Profession [Self Study CLE]

Bias, also known as automatic preference, can lead to discriminatory conduct. In beginning to assess your personal biases and the biases of others, it is extremely important to recognize that every human being has biases. Whether or not you are a person of color, a female, LGBT, or a person with disabilities, you do, in fact, have biases.