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70% of Large Firm Lawyers Don’t Know If Their Firm Has Been Breached

Sharon Nelson and John Simek Principals, Sensei Enterprises “Fully 70 percent of large firm respondents reported that they didn’t know if their firm had experienced a security breach,” according to…

Legal Ethics Corner: When Turning Over a Client’s File, Don’t Forget to Include Electronic Data

Andrew Dimitriou, Dimitriou & Associates One of the most difficult things is to lose a client. Sometimes it is for the best. However, when you lose a client and the…

How Lawyers Can and Must Learn Legal Tech and Social Media

“Luddite Lawyers Are Ethical Violations Waiting to Happen.” That’s the alarming headline on a great post in by attorney Megan Zavieh, who specializes in defending attorneys under investigation by the California State Bar. She talks about how lawyers’ relationship to technology—and their obligation to understand it—have fundamentally changed in two decades. “Technology is an unavoidable part of practicing law. The ethics rulemakers have taken note of this evolution, and the rules have grown to require technological competence,” she writes.

Practical Encryption: Backing Up Your Data

Scenario: Like most law firms, your data is growing day by day and you want to make sure you’re both (a) backing up that data, and (b) keeping the data secure.

Typical Solution: While most lawyers have developed good habits regarding backup, the security of that backup file is rarely discussed or addressed. Files are often simply copied to an external drive or burned onto DVD/CD.

Google Apps for Business: Security, Confidentiality and Ethics

Millions of corporations, small businesses, solo lawyers, large and small law firms, and federal, state and local governments have “gone Google”—meaning that they have moved from hosting their own e-mail servers (and in some cases calendars and documents) to using Google Apps. Companies that have gone Google range from Konica Minolta and Jaguar to the solo law practice Craig Law Firm (North Carolina) and the 12-office law firm Bradford & Barthel. Government users include the U.S. General Services Administration, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the State of Wisconsin, the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office, and the City of Pittsburgh

Five Ways Infographics Can Market Your Law Practice

Courtroom or boardroom, most lawyers know that when confronted with a wall of words an audience is more likely to nod off than to receive and retain information. Online, it’s no different — and that’s one reason infographics have become so popular.

Pump Up Your Law Firm Website

Your law firm website is the core of your marketing efforts. Yet it’s easy to take it for granted. We know how it goes — you spend time and trouble getting it to work like you want, and then you move on to more urgent things. But, really, constant attention is needed to keep your website working for you.

Five Takeaways from the Legal Marketing Technology Conference/West

This article was first published at You can find the original article at Technical and social skills don’t always go hand-in-hand. But in today’s marketplace, it is crucial to master…

Seven Content Marketing Tips for Lawyers

“Content marketing” is no doubt the legal marketing buzz-phrase of the year. The Content Marketing Institute defines it as a “technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience.” So what does this have to do with you?

Solo and Small Firm Toolkit

A guide to hanging your own shingle, written by San Francisco attorneys   Download the Solo & Small Firm Toolkit Please enter your name and email address below to get…