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Five Must-Have Tips to Keep Your Internet Legal Research on a Budget

By Carole Levitt JD, MLS ABA The below is adapted from Carole Levitt’s book Internet Legal Research on a Budget co-authored with Judy K. Davis, ABA LPD 2014 Legal research…


Use Your iPhone6 for Better Presentations

Morgan Smith, Cogent Legal This article was first published by Morgan Smith on the Cogent Legal Blog at   With the introduction of larger screens for the iPhone 6 and…


How to Securely Use Dropbox in a Legal Environment

Diane Ebersole, ABA TECHSHOW Board 2015 Excerpted from “Securely Use Dropbox in a Legal Environment” ABA TECHSHOW 2014 Written by Diane Ebersole, ABA TECHSHOW Board 2015 We have discussed how…


Tips for Better Presenting Photographs in Court

Michael Kelleher This article was first published by Michael Kelleher on the Cogent Legal Blog at Well-presented photographs are powerful tools for litigators. In this post, I’ll share some samples that…


Excel for Litigators: Tips to Present Numbers and Calculations at Trial

Litigators must master the presentation of numbers and calculations in trial because numbers often prove damages and/or liability. However, showing and explaining numbers and calculations in trial can present challenges, particularly with hard-to-interpret spreadsheets and non-cooperative, adverse witnesses.


SEO for Lawyers: Three Steps to Better Law Firm Marketing

Inna Kraner, Esq., Managing Editor, The Expert Institute As attorneys, we pride ourselves on our reputation and skill. However, word-of-mouth only goes so far in the digital age. A report…


Put Your Head in the Cloud

If you are worried about putting client information in the hands of others – don’t be. Recent cloud technologies and a bit of footwork can enable you to save time, resources and money while still keeping your data safe and secure.


Litigation Tech Tips for Easy Access and Analysis of Key Case Info

Litigation would be much easier if you could work on just one case at a time, and if each case moved quickly to a conclusion. Unfortunately, litigators don’t have that luxury. Litigators need to jump from case to case, putting out fires in one, then jumping to the next. Because litigation can span years, litigators often need to return to information and analysis done weeks, months or even years ago.


Social Hacking in the News and in Your Office

Steve Burgess, Burgess Forensics Social engineering/hacking can be both the means for compromising individual or corporate private data, and the means of generating after-the-fact attempts at compromise. One of the…


70% of Large Firm Lawyers Don’t Know If Their Firm Has Been Breached

Sharon Nelson and John Simek Principals, Sensei Enterprises “Fully 70 percent of large firm respondents reported that they didn’t know if their firm had experienced a security breach,” according to…