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Legal Marketing Corner: Recalibrating Talent

Clayton Dodd, Law Offices of Peter N. Brewer …. On August 11, members of the Legal Marketing Association attended a panel discussion about recalibrating legal talent in the changing marketplace….

What Your Company Should Know About Social Media Endorsement Advertising

Anisha Mangalick   As advertising on social media platforms proliferates, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ( and advocacy groups continue to crack down on celebrity and influencer endorsements on the…


Legal Writing Tip: How to Get Started on That Brief

Savannah Blackwell Sometimes, the structure and its elements come quickly. You’ve figured out exactly what the case or issue is about. You’ve boiled it down, given it a memorable theme,…


Get Eyes on Your Law Firm Content

Clayton Dodds, Law Offices of Peter N. Brewer Content marketing has changed the way that law firms attract potential clients. The goal of publishing interesting content as a marketing tool…


Warning Signs of Law Firm Changes Ahead: Potential Merger, Acquisition, or Failure

Clayton Dodds, Law Office of Peter N. Brewer In recent years, some of San Francisco’s largest law firms have been the subject of wholesale changes. Failed mergers, toxic acquisitions, and…


10 Rules of Branding [Infographic]

Thank you to Knox Design Strategy and Repechage Group for permission to repost this infographic on the ten rules of branding. Click on the image below to download a pdf…


10 Rules for Creating Great Ads [Infographic]

Thank you to Knox Design Strategy and Repechage Group for permission to repost this infographic with tips on how to create a great ad. Click on the image below to…


How to Build Your Practice Using Social Media, Blogging and Having a Life Outside of Your Practice

The Barristers Club recently hosted Phoenix-based attorney/ ABA Legal Rebel/ blogger/ author Ruth Carter at a seminar to inspire attorneys to think outside of the box in terms of finding their…


Planning to Expand Your Brand? Effective Online Marketing Tips for Budding Lawyers

Jennifer Birch As the market has become saturated over the last couple of years, it is now necessary for most law firms and individual lawyers to pay attention to their online…


What Makes Content Popular? Take-Aways from March 12 LMA Program

Kerstin Firmin, Creative Manager, The Bar Association of San Francisco What makes some articles more popular than others? That was the subject of last Thursday’s educational program offered by the…