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Mediating in the World of Antitrust: Part II

Antitrust litigation is increasingly international. Whether it’s the price-fixing of computer chips, LCD screens, diamonds or fertilizer, U.S. courts frequently assume jurisdiction over foreign defendants accused of conduct that affects…

End of Romance Can Signal Start of Litigation When Pricey Engagement Ring is at Stake

The NFL’s highest paid defensive player, Mario Williams of the Buffalo Bills, is suing his ex-fiancée for refusing to return her $785,000 diamond engagement ring.

Interesting News from the World of Estate Planning

John O‘Grady, O’Grady Law Group, APC Finally: Legal Recourse for the Fraudulently Disinherited Some people will sink pretty low to snatch someone else’s inheritance for themselves – even lying to…

Mediating in the World of Antitrust: Part I

Antitrust litigation is, fundamentally, regulatory law, largely waged as a complex battle of economic experts. Threats of civil damages are in the hundreds of millions. Joint and several liability in…

Is Keeping Ex-Wife Off Reality TV a Motive in Steve Nash’s Objection?

Usually, when one parent wants to move with the children closer to the other parent who lives out of state, the out-of-state parent has no objection. However, Steve Nash of the L.A. Lakers is objecting.

Fee Disputes Committee Still Going Strong After More Than 30 Years

The Bar Association of San Francisco has always emphasized the importance of giving back to the community. BASF would like to recognize a particular group of attorneys who are great…

Can the Uniform Parentage Act Prevent More Paternity Drama for the Kardashians?

Another day, another dose of drama from the “Kardashian Kamp,” the family that shares virtually every aspect of their lives on their multiple TV shows.

Tap into BASF’s Knowledge Rich and Extremely Active Solo and Small Firm Listserv

Leonard Lun, Director of Membership Are you a solo or small  rm practitioner and need answers to your questions? BASF has the perfect resource – the Solo/Small Firm Listerv….