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Interesting News from the World of Estate Planning: Prenups, Hollywood & Associations

John O’Grady, O’Grady Law Group, APC The Power of the Prenuptial Agreement Actor Dennis Hopper’s 9-year-old daughter inherited $2.85 million from her dad’s estate despite the fact her parents were…

Negotiating Agreements in the Middle East

Fred Carr, Carr & Venner ADR Serving as legal counsel in various capacities in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates between 2008 and 2012, negotiating agreements between private, governmental and NGO…

Real Housewife Might Be Out of Touch with QDRO Reality

By Ariel Sosna and Sarah Van Voorhis, Van Voorhis & Sosna Brandi Glanville and Eddie Cibrian catapulted to the top of the gossip websites in 2009 when Eddie had an…

BASF Celebrates Ten Years of Satisfied Mediation Services Clients

Marilyn King, Alternative Dispute Resolutions Manager, BASF Since 2003, The Bar Association of San Francisco’s (BASF) ADR program has provided quality mediation services for matters at all stages of the…

Interesting News from the World of Estate Planning

John O’Grady, O’Grady Law Group, APC Wills & Trusts: Are You Experienced? Jimi Hendrix was close to his brother Leon when they were growing up. They sometimes went on tour together….

JDC Volunteer Bridget Ausman, Mother of Four, Makes Time to Help Family Law Litigants

Stephanie Bilinksi, Family Law Project Staff Attorney Justice & Diversity Center The Justice & Diversity Center (JDC) is pleased to feature Bridget Ausman, who volunteers with our Family Law Project….

Legal Ethics Corner: Undocumented Status Does Not Mean You Can’t Practice Law

In a matter of first impression, the California Supreme Court recently ruled that the fact an undocumented immigrant is in the United States illegally “does not itself involve moral turpitude or demonstrate moral unfitness so as to justify exclusion from the State Bar.” In re Sergio C. Garcia, 58 Cal. 4th 440, 460 (2014). Sergio Garcia, who was born in Mexico and brought by his parents to California as an infant and again at age 17, obtained his high school diploma and college and law degrees in California and passed the California bar examination.

Litigation Tech Tips for Easy Access and Analysis of Key Case Info

Litigation would be much easier if you could work on just one case at a time, and if each case moved quickly to a conclusion. Unfortunately, litigators don’t have that luxury. Litigators need to jump from case to case, putting out fires in one, then jumping to the next. Because litigation can span years, litigators often need to return to information and analysis done weeks, months or even years ago.

The Business Judgment Rule in the Central District of California

Reno Fernandez, MacDonald | Fernandez A pair of recent decisions by the United States District Court for the Central District of California challenge the strength of the business judgment rule….

Judge Veers Over Two and a Half Times Under Guideline Calculations in Child Support Order

Ariel Sosna and Sarah Van Voorhis, Van Voorhis & Sosna Jon Cryer, who earns $700,000 per month as star of CBS’s “Two and a Half Men” according to his most…