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Attorney-Client Billing Statements Are Protected By Attorney-Client Privilege Regardless of Whether They Contain Legal Opinions or Advice

Sarah Banola, Cooper, White & Cooper As a matter of first impression, the Court of Appeal recently held in County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors v. Superior Court of…


May a California lawyer ethically represent a client in respect to a medical marijuana enterprise in California?

BASF Legal Ethics Committee Issues Legal Ethics Opinion Recognizing the conundrum that conflicting state and federal laws create in California in light of the Compassionate Use Act, The Bar Association…


Legal Ethics Corner: Attorneys Serving as Investigators Beware

David Wolf Attorneys investigating matters in connection with the rendering of legal services to their clients is nothing new. California Code of Civil Procedure section 128.7 requires considerable due diligence…


Does the Duty of Confidentiality Prevent an Attorney from Disclosing a Former Client’s Confidences in a Fee Collection Action?

By Michael C. Starkey, Adler Law Firm Occasionally an attorney must sue a former client to collect outstanding fees and costs. Often the evidence critical to the attorney’s claim includes…

Paul Vapnek

Legal Ethics Community Will Greatly Miss Paul Vapnek

Legal Ethics Committee, The Bar Association of San Francisco The Bar Association of San Francisco’s Legal Ethics Committee sends our heartfelt sympathies to the friends and family of Paul Vapnek,…


Legal Ethics Corner: California Court of Appeal Upholds “In-Firm” Privilege

Drew Dilworth, Cooper White & Cooper California recently joined a growing list of states that have issued published opinions recognizing an in-firm privilege. See, e.g., Moore v. Grau, 2014 N.H….


New Civility Guidelines for Professional Conduct

Albert J. Boro, Jr., Boro Law Firm In June 2014, the federal courts of the Northern District of California adopted “Guidelines for Professional Conduct,” also called “Civility Guidelines.” The Guidelines…


Legal Ethics Hotline: Get Help and/or Give Help

One highly valued offering of The Bar Association of San Francisco is its Legal Ethics Committee Hotline. The hotline is staffed by volunteers from the Legal Ethics Committee, many of…


Legal Ethics: Some Thoughts On Issues Raised, But Not Resolved, By Cassel v. Superior Court

By Kevin Sullivan, Griffin & Sullivan The Supreme Court in Cassel v. Superior Court (2011) 51 Cal.4th 113, 244 P.3d 1080, held that evidence of what occurred during or in…


Legal Ethics Corner: Revisiting the “No Contact” Rule

Dianne Jackson McLean, Goldfarb & Lipman Attorneys are generally aware that they are prohibited from directly or indirectly contacting an opposing party that is represented by counsel without that counsel’s…