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Seeking New Solos!

Community Law Practice Incubator Start Your Own Practice − Serve the Community Are you or someone you know interested in starting a solo practice? Apply now to participate in the…


False Owner Move-Ins and Tenants’ Sources of Recourse

Jasna Veledar, Hooshmand Law Group A very common type of eviction in San Francisco is one where a tenant is displaced so that an owner or owner’s relative can move…


New Rent Ordinance Section Regulates Tenant Buyout Agreements: Penalties if Landlords Ignore

Jasna Veledar, Hooshmand Law Group When landlords are faced with a tenant to whom they no longer wish to rent, some do not want to proceed with a no-fault eviction….

Bernal Heights (James Gaither/Flickr Creative Commons)

Rent, Evictions, and Illegal Units in the Age of Social Media

Jasna Veledar, Hooshmand Law Group The San Francisco rental community was shocked last week with the news of a Bernal Heights resident whose rent increased from $2,145 per month to…