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Staying Present at Contentious Mediations

With BASF’s Putting for the Pipeline golf tournament coming in October, my mind turned to the similarities between the most mental of all sports and mediation. Playing golf is much more than hitting a ball with…


Mediating Environmental Disputes, Part 2: Challenges of NGO and Government Agency Participants

Lizbeth Hasse, Creative Industry Law Read the first part: Mediating Environmental Disputes, Part I: Addressing the Long Term in the Present Mediation is an especially useful forum for environmental disputes because it…


Mediating Environmental Disputes, Part I: Addressing the Long Term in the Present

Lizbeth Hasse, Creative Industry Law Disputes over environmental degradation and natural re-sources were a growth industry in the 1970’s. New federal statutes and agencies provided focused ways to address environmental…


Negotiating Agreements in the Middle East

Fred Carr, Carr & Venner ADR Serving as legal counsel in various capacities in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates between 2008 and 2012, negotiating agreements between private, governmental and NGO…


BASF Celebrates Ten Years of Satisfied Mediation Services Clients

Marilyn King, Alternative Dispute Resolutions Manager, BASF Since 2003, The Bar Association of San Francisco’s (BASF) ADR program has provided quality mediation services for matters at all stages of the…


What a Mediator Would Like to See in a Mediation Brief

In many cases mediation is the most cost-efficient and effective method of resolving a case. Often, litigants can save a lot of money and time when mediation is held after first tier discovery has been completed, once the core facts are determined that circumscribe the dispute.


Consider Mediating Fee Disputes Gracefully

Sometimes clients will fail to pay or dispute your bill because they are disappointed at the outcome of litigation, or, whilst your work was properly performed, your billing methods lack transparency, leaving the client unable to understand the bill, frustrated and legitimately asking questions. In the worst situations, the work actually may have fallen below the client’s reasonable expectations or the standard of care and the fee was undeserved.


The New Law Practice of Dispute Resolution

The role of the civil litigation advocate is changing from an advocate in the adversarial process to a leader in the dispute resolution process. Without compromising the lawyer’s role as an advocate and salesman for the client’s cause, the emphasis is more on resolution than contentious advocacy.


The Importance of Mediator Follow-Up

We’ve all been there — mediating a contentious dispute all day, trying to resolve it in a mediation session but to no avail. The parties and their counsel depart the…