Mock Trial Volunteers Needed for February Tournament

Mock Trial Volunteers NeededThe San Francisco Mock Trial Competition starts in February, and The Bar Association of San Francisco’s Mock Trial committee is looking for volunteers to serve as presiding judges and scorers for the tournament’s preliminary rounds.

More than 150 high school students will participate in the tournament.

Students and volunteer coaches have been working diligently after school and on weekends for many months to prepare for the tournament.

We need volunteers! Team up with a colleague and volunteer today to help make the tournament a success. Volunteering with Mock Trial is a great way to to meet San Francisco Superior Court judges and Bay Area law firm partners.

If you’re interested, please email Jareem Gunter at


Dates:  Tuesdays and Thursdays:  February 6, 8, 13, 15 from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. at the latest

Where:  San Francisco Superior Court, 400 McAllister Street.
We will give you the courtroom assignment after scorers and judges’ orientation.

How many round can I volunteer for?  As many as you want!  One would be fantastic, two would be amazing.  You don’t need to do a certain number; it’s just one round per night.  Pick as many or as few nights as you are interested in.

What happens?  You watch the high school students put on a trial, complete with a pretrial evidentiary motions based on a constitutional issue, opening statements, evidence, objections, directs, crosses, and closing argument.  Students portray:  attorneys, witnesses, the bailiff, and the clerk.  You’ll score each student based on their performance.

What’s the case about?  This year it’s a murder trial – two groups with difficult political views attended a rally/protest, things escalated and someone was killed.   The pretrial motion relates to 4th amendment search and seizure issues regarding GPS data.

Do I need trial experience?  NO!

***If you are not a judge, or have not been a judge for past competitions please sign up to be a scorer