BASF Delegation to the CCBA Begins Work on New Year’s Resolutions

CCBA DelegationThe BASF Delegation to the Conference of California Bar Associations (CCBA) is already hard at work drafting resolutions for 2018 and it is kicking off the new year with a January 9, 2018 education program titled Legislation Drafting: How to Get from an Idea to a Law. The program will present a road map for effecting legislative change through participation in the BASF Delegation’s work. The program will be led by past Chairs of the Delegation Ujvala Singh (Carlson, Calladine & Peterson) and Cathleen Yonahara (Freeland Cooper & Foreman), and Delegation member Richard Zitrin (Zitrin Law Office) who has extensive experience drafting legislation.

Incoming Delegation Chair Alicia Gámez (Gámez Law) sees this program, and Delegation participation, as a unique opportunity for BASF members to make a difference. “The Delegation was very successful in 2017. We presented 23 resolutions, of which 14 resolutions were adopted by the CCBA at the October conference, and we are energized and already working on resolutions for 2018. The deadline for submitting resolutions is in mid-February, so now is the time for BASF members to join the Delegation and play a part in drafting new legislation.”

To learn more about the Delegation and its 2017 success, see Alicia Gámez’s recent post, The Most Effective Legislative Body in California (That You Barely Know About, or visit .