Former BASF President, a Business Trial Lawyer and a Psychology Expert Join BASF Mediation Services

Elizabeth Bader, Bader Conflict Resolution Services


Elizabeth Bader’s mediation practice has included the successful resolution of a wide variety of cases, including complex, multi-party, tort-related litigation. Her unique approach to mediation is based on her view that psychological issues, particularly “face” or “ego” issues, are often the reason cases don’t settle.

After completion of a three-year program on trauma, Bader is also concerned about the potential for trauma in mediation, and is careful to create a safe space for parties. As a lawyer who successfully argued cases before the California Supreme Court and the Ninth Circuit prior to becoming a mediator, she also believes that in litigated cases legal evaluation is sometimes necessary to bring resolution.

Frank Burke, Frank Burke Mediation


Frank Burke helps parties resolve their conflicts in a fair, cost effective way through creative approaches and relentless follow-up in a framework of trust and civility. From San Francisco to Silicon Valley he works with individuals and small, medium and large businesses.

A full-time neutral, Burke applies his 42 years of experience as a business trial lawyer in national law firms handling a diverse range of business disputes involving varied business sectors in federal and state courts and administrative agencies in 26 states, China and Canada.

Russ Roeca, Roeca Haas Montes De Oca


2009 BASF President Russ Roeca is an accomplished trial lawyer and certified mediator with boutique AV-rated Roeca Haas Montes De Oca. He is certified by the State Bar of California as a specialist in Legal Malpractice Law.

Roeca focuses upon professional liability of attorneys, real estate, and healthcare professionals, as well as related insurance, commercial and business litigation. His experience has exposed him to various realms of the law, and this is reflected by his grasp of the complex matters he handles.

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