Attracting the Right Clients Through Effective Branding

By Sally Morin, Sally Morin Law

Of particular importance to solo and small firm attorneys is the idea of effective branding. If you are just starting out, or you feel like your brand needs a makeover, there are three scary things you must do to ensure your branding attracts the RIGHT clients:

1. Be specific!
Niche marketing is far more effective than casting a “wide net.”
The reason this is scary for so many lawyers is that they believe they need to “take whatever they can get” just to keep the lights on. I noticed that the moment I limited my practice (from all types of personal injury and landlord-tenant cases down to only bicycle, motorcycle, pedestrian and car accident cases) my stress levels went down, and my enjoyment and satisfaction with my work went up significantly, as did my income.

2. Be yourself!
People want to know what sets you apart from the pack.
This is also tough for lawyers, as many of us want to keep our personal and business lives separate. However, if you want to attract clients you enjoy serving, you’ll need to share a little about what makes you tick. It’s the old saying, “people do business with people they like.” So, make a fun video or spice up your website bio so your potential clients find something that resonates with them and makes you just a little more human and a little less “lawyer.”

3. Be selective!
Let people know who you do and don’t want to serve.
I have found the number one thing that ensures a deep satisfaction in my work is working with clients that I truly enjoy serving. To do this, you have to be very selective in your client filtering process. Be up front in your marketing messages in communicating who your ideal client is, and don’t be afraid to broadcast who your ideal client is NOT. Why work with people you don’t enjoy working with? If you plan on working more than just a few more years, remember that to run a sustainable, lucrative law business, you have to enjoy your work.

So, don’t be afraid to do something scary with your branding. You’ll be glad you did!

Sally Morin is the owner of an all-woman personal injury law firm in San Francisco – Sally Morin Law – which exclusively helps people seriously injured in bicycle, motorcycle, pedestrian and car accidents get back on their feet.