Are You an Attorney Seeking Legal Advice? Call the Attorney-to-Attorney Advice Program

By Emmy Pasternak LRIS Outreach and Case Development Manager

The Bar Association of San Francisco’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) has operated an Attorney-to-Attorney Advice Program (ATAA) since 1975. From brief advice to long-term mentorship, this free service matches newer attorneys with experienced practitioners willing to advise them. It also works well for the seasoned practitioner who runs into an area of law they are unfamiliar with which impacts their case.

Phone conversationWhen attorneys join LRIS, they are asked if they are interested in providing free advice to other attorneys through ATAA. These attorneys give advice only in those areas of law in which they have demonstrated experience.

Attorneys requesting a referral to an advice attorney are given names and phone numbers of three attorneys with appropriate experience. All arrangements for advice are then made directly between the attorneys.

LRIS Panel attorney Nelson Meeks says, “This program works really well. I am not an expert on every topic and I have to say having this is extremely beneficial in my work and in helping to advise and refer clients.”

LRIS Family, General, and Probate Law panelist Jennifer Marlowe regularly makes use of this free resource, “It has been invaluable to my practice. I used it a lot in the beginning when I was new to a particular area of law and had questions. The attorneys that I spoke with were very friendly and knowledgeable. I recommend this service for attorneys who would like the wisdom and advice of a seasoned practitioner.”

Each year, LRIS handles hundreds of requests for referrals through this program. The program is open to any attorney and if you would like a referral through ATAA, call 415-477-2374 and ask for an attorney-to-attorney referral.

If you are currently an LRIS attorney who would like sign up for ATAA, please contact Yvonne Ng, LRIS Membership Coordinator, at