Competing for Talent in 2017

By Legal Staffing and Recruiting Experts at Nelson & Associates

GreetingThe world of work is changing. Sweeping global forces and technological advancements continue to reshape how companies do business. With California unemployment hovering near record lows, job seekers – especially those in the legal field – can be more selective about where they want to work and their expected compensation levels.

To help California employers understand which factors could impact efforts to attract and retain the talent necessary for business success in 2017, Nelson developed its Workplace Trends Report. We invited more than 500 California business managers to share their perspectives and experiences, building a unique, comprehensive snapshot of current workplace trends.

Key insights from Nelson’s 2017 Workplace Trends Report, include:

1. California employers are reporting significant challenges attracting key talent.
Survey respondents named “talent acquisition and management” the number one business challenge their businesses currently face. With most companies continuing to increase headcount, competing for talent will continue to be a significant challenge through 2017.

2. Work formats are changing
Companies are increasingly utilizing independent contractors and offering flexible work options, including flexible schedules, work-at-home arrangements, and part-time scheduling options. Offering these options to most employees is now the norm, not the exception or an unexpected perk.

3. Employers are not raising wages to compete for increasingly scarce talent.
Despite the majority indicating they’d be willing to pay higher than budget to attract and retain top talent, nearly half of employers report that wages in 2016 were flat or lower when compared with wages over the past several years. With better compensation packages reported as the top reason employees leave, stagnant wages are a significant challenge.

Full survey results can be found in Nelson’s 2017 Advisor and Salary Guide, which includes detailed information about:

• How companies’ 2016 performance is measuring up to expectations

• Why companies are reporting difficulties finding talent

• What entices employees to switch companies

• Which benefits companies are offering to enhance compensation packages

• The latest salary projections for more than 200 positions in local markets throughout California

• And more

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