ADR Neutral with Labor Relations Expertise Joins BASF Mediation Services Panel

Susan Joan Davidson

Susan Joan Davidson

The newest addition to BASF’s Mediation panel, Susan Joan Davidson, has 40 years’ experience as a successful, respected ADR neutral.

After earning an LLM in labor relations with an emphasis on dispute resolution, she worked in Governor Brown’s administration in 1976-77 to set up the Public Employment Relations Board. She was a labor negotiator as Deputy City Attorney for the City of San Jose and also served for 23 years as Senior Hearing Examiner for the East Palo Alto Rent Stabilization Program.

Davidson has been instrumental in developing bar and court programs which reduce hostilities and save time and money for parties and their representatives. From observing elections for the UN, to delivering mediation curricula to community courts in Rwanda, she has traveled widely to share the mechanics of peace and reconciliation.

Participants in her mediations and arbitrations consistently express gratitude for the comfort, humor and efficiency she brings to the process. She specializes in mediations in areas of Labor and Employment, Housing, Real Estate, Construction, Personal Injury, Estate Planning, Disability, and Elder Law.

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