BASF President Initiative Named: Community Law Practice Incubator

By Carole Conn, Director of Public Service Programs LRIS/ADR


The Bar Association of San Francisco in conjunction with the Justice & Diversity Center is proud to announce the naming of the Community Law Practice Incubator (CLPI) program. After launching in September, the four inaugural participants are now receiving training in family law, bankruptcy and landlord/tenant issues.

The mission of the Community Law Practice Incubator is to develop a diverse set of skilled solo or small firm practitioners who will weave a social justice mission to serve the public into the fabric of their new law practice. The incubator participants receive training and supervision on pro bono cases referred to them through the JDC and mentoring on cases for modest means individuals referred through at BASF’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service.

Through association-wide resources available with BASF’s Continuing Legal Education department, section members, the Barristers Club and Solo and Small Firm Section members, the incubator participants are provided education and networking opportunities and private practice mentors to assist their development both as small business owners and as attorneys in a changing legal market. The resources provided not only eliminate the need for costly overhead, but also provide participants with guidance, support, structure and clients to get through the first year and onto establishing a practice that is sustainable and serves our community.

An initiative of 2016 President Michael Tubach’s, CLPI takes the Mind the Gap program (an initiative of Chris Kearney’s presidency) to the next logical level in preparing new lawyers for the profession. Thanks to 2013 President Chris Kearney, Keker & Van Nest, generous seed funding was provided for the incubator. In addition to Chris Kearney’s contribution, the remaining seed funding for CLPI was provided by Michael Tubach, O’Melveny & Meyers and several partners from the O’Melveny firm.

BASF is proud to push forward an initiative which addresses the legal needs of our community while providing guidance and support to new attorneys. As our community and the practice of law evolves, we hope that the Community Law Practice Incubator grows to be a resource and tool for empowerment, advocacy and justice. The program looks forward to a successful first year and will seek to expand the number of participants in 2017.


For more information on the CLPI or to refer a potential applicant, contact Incubator Coordinator, Hamid Yazdan-Panah at or 415-782-8912. If you are interested in making a donation to help sustain this program, contact Steve Love, Director of Development, at or 415-782-8917.