Lutheran Volunteer Corps Supports Homeless Advocacy Project


Lutheran Volunteer Corps (LVC) connects full-time volunteers receiving stipends with nonprofit organizations around the nation to work towards justice. This month, the Justice & Diversity Center (JDC) is pleased to feature Alexander James and Virginia Purcell, who come to us from LVC.



Alexander James works as the Legal Services Advocate at JDC’s Homeless Advocacy Project (HAP). James supports Katie Danielson, HAP’s senior supervising attorney, by doing intake interviews with clients who need assistance in Supplemental Security Income and Landlord-Tenant matters. He also assesses client needs, refers clients to partner agencies, and works with third-party medical treatment services to apply for benefits on behalf of his clients.

James is from San Diego and received his B.A. in Political Science from San Diego State. He is a community activist, debate coach, and artist who enjoys reading, music and films.



Virginia Purcell is HAP’s Social Services Advocate. She supports Julie Rosenthal, director of social services, by conducting intake interviews, determining client needs, and making appropriate referrals to other agencies.

Purcell grew up in the East Bay and graduated from Grinnell College in Iowa. She was involved with Queer Athletes and Allies, the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program, and the Grinnell Liberal Arts in Prison Program. She also interned at the Iowa Attorney General’s Office and Iowa State Public Defender’s Office. Purcell loves puppies of all kinds, but especially Corgis and Golden-Doodles.