Attorneys from Japanese Bar Federation Visit BASF’s LRIS

Long-time BASF member Junji Suzuki recently arranged a visit on behalf of a delegation of attorneys from the Japanese Bar Federation to discuss BASF’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS). Acting as the delegation’s interpreter, Suzuki introduced the group to Yolanda Jackson, BASF executive director and general counsel, and Carole Conn, director of public service programs.

The goal of the visit was to understand how certified lawyer referral services work, with the aim of taking this knowledge back to Japan to create similar services there to better help the public. BASF’s award-winning LRIS –  celebrating 70 years of service to the public this year – is a model certified referral service. Handling approximately 50,000 calls each year, LRIS has helped build the practices of hundreds of local attorneys and assisted hundreds of thousands of people in need of legal help.

Thank you to Andrew Bartlett, who reached out to BASF to arrange the visit, and to Junji Suzuki, both of Marshall Suzuki Law Group, an international law firm with offices in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

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