Join the Conference of California Bar Associations in San Diego This Fall: Be a Delegate, Help Change Laws and Meet Great People

James Brosnahan, Morrison & Foerster

What is the Conference of California Bar Associations?

You can change the law of California. You can be a delegate of the Conference of California Bar Associations (CCBA). It is the only statewide organization open to all lawyers from all disciplines: district attorneys, criminal defense lawyers, civil lawyers for plaintiffs and defendants, regulatory lawyers, family law lawyers, and probate lawyers.

Any lawyer is eligible through his/her local bar association. When the Conference of California Bar Associations broke away from the State Bar of California, it had a rush of new energy, hired a very capable lobbyist, and gained the ability to have its legislative proposals go directly to the legislature, which reacted by passing many statutes.

CCBA also proposes court rule changes, regulatory improvements and reform of any aspect of the law. Because of the diversity of the delegates, many branches of California law have been affected.


Over the last 50 years, I have seen young lawyers get their first real opportunity at public speaking, learn about legal problems all over the state, and form lasting friendships.

The CCBA was one of the organizations to publicly propose laws protecting gay rights, animal rights, right to counsel, the rights of victims of crime, civil liberties, and more. It also proposed laws to gain equality for women and reform of the death penalty. It has been a cutting-edge organization for reform of all kinds.

Do you have a legal cause? Join now!

How to Join BASF’s 2016 Delegation

Visit and download the application.

The Conference of California Bar Associations’ 2016 Resolutions and registration information are online:

It takes one weekend a year, unless you decide to do more.

Fifty Years Ago

That first weekend in Monterey 50 years ago, there was a resolution to form a committee to see why there were so few women and minorities in law schools.

I favored the resolution. But it was hooted down. The following year was different. It passed. I have seen great improvements proposed, resisted at first, only to gain traction and pass later.

There have been times – many – when I could feel the pulse of legal reform in the delegates’ hall. I would not have missed those moments for anything.

The fact that I have been a delegate for 50 years is less important than what being a delegate can do for you. I recommend you have this outer-firm experience. Join today.

About the author:

James Brosnahan, 1977 BASF President, is a Senior Trial Counsel at Morrison & Foerster. He is one of the most respected and recognized trial lawyers in the United States. 

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Each year more than 20 CCBA resolutions get introduced as bills in the California legislature, and approximately 15 of them typically become part of the statutory law of California.

Join the BASF delegation to:

  • Earn CLE Credit
  • Participate in California’s legislative process
  • Attend the CCBA Conference in San Diego, September 30 - October 2

Visit for more info and to join.