BASF Delegation Heads to State Capitol on Legislative Day

Interested in Joining the BASF Delegation to the California Conference of Bar Associations?


Each year more than 20 CCBA resolutions get introduced as bills in the California legislature, and approximately 15 of them typically become part of the statutory law of California.

Join the BASF delegation to:

  • Earn CLE Credit
  • Participate in California’s legislative process
  • Attend the CCBA Conference in San Diego, September 30 - October 2

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In April, seven members of BASF’s delegation to the Conference of California Bar Associations (CCBA) attended Legislative Day in Sacramento.

The delegates met with staff and members of nine Assembly and Senate offices, including Assemblymember David Chiu (D-SF) and Senator Mark Leno (D-SF). The delegates discussed five of the CCBA’s 27 resolutions now pending before the legislature.

They also spoke to members and staff of their first-hand experiences of the consequences of inadequate funding of California’s courts.

BASF’s delegation that attended the CCBA-sponsored Legislative Day included: Olga Dombrovskaya, Oliver Dunlap, Frank Leidman, Matthew Lewis, Matthew Mallet, Catherine Rucker, and Mary Vail.

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