LGBT Youth Project Volunteers Visit Local High School to Inspire Students to Pursue a Legal Career


From left, Paul Sousa, Tami Fisher and Kate Svinarich

On April 19, Paul Sousa, Kate Svinarich and Tami Fisher volunteered for the LGBT Youth Project’s visit to Downtown High School.

The volunteers met with approximately 30 students across three school organizations, including the debate team and the school’s Gay Straight Alliance.

Each of the three panelists spoke about their career paths, from high school experiences through law school. The panelists discussed their current practice areas, and how they incorporate social justice and themes of LGBT equality into the work they do. Students asked practical questions about the path to a career in law.

Other interesting questions focused on the kinds of adversity the panelists faced, whether they were out and when they came out or made the decision to be out in school or professionally.

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