Member Profile: Johanna Calabria of Durie Tangri

Johanna Calabria is the managing partner of Durie Tangri, one of the nation’s top IP litigation firms. A BASF member since 2006, she was selected by her peers for inclusion on Best Lawyers’ 2015 list for commercial litigation in recognition of her excellent litigation results.

Johanna Calabria

Let’s find out more about her.


I was born in Valencia, Venezuela, but I consider my hometown to be Miami, Florida, where my family moved when I was 10.

Something We Might Not Know

I got chicken pox on my 12th birthday and appendicitis on my 41st birthday.

Favorite Song

Tough question. I’m very much into music so it’s hard to choose just one song or even one genre. But if I have to pick one right now, I’ll go with Claire de Lune.

Favorite Food

Toss up between sashimi and an egg and cheese on an English muffin.

Guilty Pleasure

Bingeing on “Scandal” on Netflix.

Favorite Vacation Spot

These days, Encinitas.

Favorite Law School Class

Metaphysics of Causation

Pet Peeve

Anyone who stresses about “getting ready” for the holidays. Not the point.