Meet STC Student Savion at the 2015 #JDCGala on September 24

A message from BASF/JDc Executive Director Yolanda Jackson

Next week is our annual gala through which we raise money for our diversity education programs and our legal services programs.

This year the featured youth speaker from our high school School-To-College (STC) program is Savion.

He will be sharing his story at the gala. Savion was diagnosed as dyslexic and was at risk of flunking out of school. He then connected with our STC program at his school and started working with our college readiness counselor Alvaro Carvajal and our tutors. He is now a senior with a 3.11 GPA and he will be attending college next fall.

The story doesn’t end there. Savion did not have a suit to wear to the gala. So one of our staff members, Steve Love, wrote a $150 check so that Savion could get a suit. Our Director of Diversity Pipeline programs, Jareem Gunter, went shopping to buy his suit, shirt, tie and shoes all within budget.

Savion will be looking great at the gala next Thursday 9/24 as he shares his very inspirational story about how our school to college program turned his life around.

JDC Gala Speaker Savion, a student in the STC program

JDC Gala Speaker Savion, a student in the STC program

If you are inspired, you can text to give, right now, to our great JDC programs.

Text JDCGALA to 41444 and include your name and amount of gift after JDCGALA.

We hope to see you at the Gala on Thursday, September 24.