Meet Barristers Litigation Section Leader Evangeline Burbidge

Evangeline Burbridge

Evangeline Burbidge

Evangeline (“Evan”) Burbidge is an attorney at Lewis & Llewellyn, a San Francisco litigation boutique firm focusing on high-stakes civil cases. An active BASF member, she currently serves as a co-vice chair on the Executive Committee for the Barristers Litigation Section.

Here are five things you probably don’t know about her:

  1. I grew up watching Perry Mason with my father. As a kid, I thought all lawyers were detectives who made surprise witnesses confess on the stand. It turns out that doesn’t really happen (much), but being able to think on your feet is still a necessity.
  2. Every year, my husband and I bring together family and friends to support local food banks. We usually organize a “Supermarket Sweep,” giving out prizes to those who can buy exactly $100 worth of groceries, without going over (no calculators allowed). It’s a great way to get people, particularly our lawyer friends, to use their competitive energy for a good cause.
  3. My freshman year of college, I was known for my clever quips, square-state origins, horrible haircut, and an unfortunate affinity for thick-collared, chunky sweaters. I also arrived at school with a black eye from flipping an ATV at the end of the summer. My humility and sense of humor were hard-earned, so I only regret the sweaters.
  4. I started at Lewis & Llewellyn almost a year ago. For me, moving to a smaller firm meant “leaning in” to both my career and personal life – continuing to do high-caliber, challenging business litigation with great people, while also preserving some time outside of the office. It was a tall order, but L&L is the perfect fit. It’s great to be part of a tight-knit team doing top-tier legal work, while still putting my son to bed every night.
  5. I love coffee, even though I only have one (or two) cups a day. Like watching Perry Mason, that may be the result of parental influence. Depending on the time of day and where I am, I like: Philz’s (meeting a friend), Dunkin’ Donuts (East Coast), and the coffee in our break room (last resort).