Thank You to AT&T’s Marvin Anderson

Marvin Anderson

Marvin Anderson

The Bar Association of San Francisco would like to give a special thanks to BASF Board Member Marvin Anderson, General Attorney from AT&T, who sat in on a student’s panel presentation at June Jordan School for Equity (JJSE).

During assessment season, JJSE reached out BASF, to join them in the process of evaluating their student’s work. BASF asked Anderson if he would be willing to participate as a volunteer.

Although JJSE serves some of the most marginalized students in San Francisco, they are proud that their students graduate and attend college at rates similar to or higher than district and state averages.

Anderson had this to say about his volunteer experience, “I appeared at the school for a 10th grader’s portfolio presentation to a review committee. Over the course of 90 minutes, the student delivered an opening statement, presented on four subject areas, and fielded questions from family members (both parents plus three siblings), several student peers, two faculty members and one community member (me).

I was impressed and encouraged by the thoughtful and lively interaction from all participants. The teachers were tough but fair. The student peer interactions were meaningful and insightful. I was most impressed by the family participation and support. My presence as a lawyer added a formal air to the review, and challenged the student to “think on his feet” and respond intelligently to questions from an unfamiliar face.”

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