Planning to Expand Your Brand? Effective Online Marketing Tips for Budding Lawyers

Jennifer Birch

As the market has become saturated over the last couple of years, it is now necessary for most law firms and individual lawyers to pay attention to their online marketing campaigns. A strong digital strategy allows them to target the right market, introduce their brand to a wider audience, and showcase their creativity. In this post, we’ll show you effective ways to market your law firm or brand online.

Prioritize online reviews

The Local Consumer Review Survey 2014 by BrightLocal revealed that 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews more than personal recommendations. Although we aren’t saying that personal reviews aren’t important, many consumers have now moved their interest to searching for information about businesses and services online rather than gathering them personally through known sources.

Tip: Ask previous clients to provide you with recommendations that you can use on your website, or ask if they can create an article about their experience with your firm.

Bank on content

Remember that in this digital age, people’s attention is reported to be considerably shorter. Therefore, in order to completely get their attention and interest, you will need to exert extra effort to keep your website, blog, and social media updated with engaging content. Make sure your online presence doesn’t only point to articles, but also multi-media content such as videos and images like infographics. You must also include a compelling call to action to encourage discussion and for others to share your posts on their own social pages.

Tip: Be active with your blog and social media pages, if possible. It will also help if you provide a way for your potential clients to quickly connect with your for inquiries, such as adding a chatbox.

Be mobile responsive

Today, it is highly important to ensure your site is mobile responsive and has the ability to be organized and viewed on all types of screen sizes. Tablets, which are said to be more common for online searches of professional consumers, have display sizes ranging from 7-inch to 10-inch, based on O2. If you want to be innovative, you can also target the smartwatch screen, which is small at around 2-inches but has the potential to be big in the future as the demand for this type of technology rises.

Tip: Make sure that your website loads seamlessly on any platform, as a study featured by The Guardian showed that 32 percent of users abandon websites that have slow loading times of more than five seconds. Improve your ‘bounce rate’ (or rate of searchers leaving your page immediately) by improving the speed and page size.

Maximize social media to connect with key people

The competition for online marketing is not only limited to websites and online searches, but also hinges on your capability to connect, reconnect, and close a deal through social media. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are great tools to increase your brand recognition. However, there are other social mediums that offer a way to connect with key people in your industry, such as LinkedIn. They provide your brand support, as they open their set of followers to your reach. You must always have to keep in mind, however, to make your connection with these key people less advertorial and more genuine.

Tip: It will also help to join professional networking sites related to lawyers or those in need of your services. By joining various forums you can provide readers quick assistance.

Trends in online marketing changes almost all the time, thus it will be beneficial to always read and keep yourself updated about these modifications. How do you plan to expand your online reach this year?

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