Circling Back: Mentors and Mentees Meet in 2014

mentoring-circles-logoAs a follow-up to the Mind the Gap program started in 2013 by then President Chris Kearney, BASF established a pilot program of Mentoring Circles to continue to provide professional advice and guidance to new practitioners as they build their practices and careers.

Participants had the opportunity to both give and receive advice, share life experiences, network and discuss any topic the group agreed upon. Circles included a past BASF president, judge, an in-house counsel, a senior partner, junior associates, senior associates, Mind the Gap participants and law students.

2014 BASF President Stephanie Skaff provided incentives for group projects as part of her tenure, including a Lawyers in Schools event on Law Day; Log Cabin High School Garden Planting with young adults in the juvenile justice system; a day to provide legal assistance to former military members, and an event to help seniors navigate the college application process.