Untie & Unwind: Podcasts on Lawyers and their Hobbies

Kerstin Firmin, Creative Manager, BASF

hsu-untied-smWhat do a cyclist, a fashion model, and an opera singer have in common? What ties a boxer, a magician, and an astronomer together?

They are all lawyers and guests on Richard Hsu’s new podcast series, Hsu Untied.

Yes, lawyers are people too – people with talents and tales beyond the law. That should be obvious; but to people outside the legal profession, it often seems that lawyers have little time or patience for non-legal activities.

Hsu is single-handedly dismantling this myth on Hsu Untied where he interviews lawyers and their interesting side hobbies.

There’s the podcast with Sean Patrick Butler, in-house counsel with Cisco, who talks to Richard about work-life balance, living sustainably, and the importance of building community.

There’s Yul Kwon, in-house counsel with Facebook and, famously, winner of one of the most controversial seasons of the reality TV show Survivor. Helpfully, Richard Hsu shares a video clip of Yul’s Survivor highlights along with the podcast.

There are dozens of podcasts on Hsu Untied, with side hobbies ranging from the arts to, yes, Slinkies. The podcasts, at 15 minutes or less, are the perfect length to take a short break or to accompany a project that keeps your hands busy but your mind free to wander.

Hsu is an excellent podcast host and interviewer, and his choice of media is perfect. After all, podcasts are making a comeback.  A large part of this success is due to the fact that podcasts don’t overwhelm the senses. In our media-saturated world, podcasts are one of the more intimate, unassuming of the digital media – the purely auditory nature of the material allows the imagination to round out the storytelling while the hosts’ soothing, inquisitive voices pull you into the conversation.

Check out Hsu Untied for yourself – grab a mug of hot spiced cider, sit back, click play, and enjoy. You won’t be disappointed.

About Hsu Untied

Hsu Untied is a new project by Richard Hsu – the Richard Hsu of HsuTube fame. Hsu is also Co-Chair of the Technology Transactions Practice Group and Partner at Shearman & Sterling’s Silicon Valley office where he advises companies on technology, licensing and associated intellectual property issues.