BASF’s Mediation Program Just Got Better for Members

By Marilyn King, Alternative Dispute Resolution Services Manager

mediation-discount-2015This year The Bar Association of San Francisco’s Mediation Services was selected for The Recorder’s Best “Hall of Fame” for five continuous years of excellence. Attorneys like you ranked the program high for the superior quality of its mediators, the reasonable cost, and the friendly staff who take care of all the details.

More than a decade ago, BASF established the Mediation Services Program to serve both the public and attorneys because more than 90% of mediations result in long-term resolutions with mutual satisfaction.

Not only has the program expanded over the years to incorporate mediation certificate trainings and volunteer mediation opportunities for attorneys wanting to increase their skills, but also awareness of its reputation has spread to the merchant community, public institutions and large firm litigation attorneys.

For 2015, BASF Mediation will be running a promotion for BASF members who are first time users of the program: Receive 20% off the general rate of $295, which affords you two hours of mediation and one hour of mediation preparation for FREE. That’s a great deal and a $60 dollar savings!

Here’s why BASF members like the mediation program:

“… being a panel member, I know the superb quality of the mediators involved, and in my view nothing is more important to a successful mediation than the skill of the neutral retained by the parties. Coupled with the tremendous economic value the parties receive, using the BASF Mediation Program is a no-brainer.”

Mark PetersenFarella Braun + Martel

“…  it is cost effective and economical; as a panel member with 35 years of litigation experience, I know from both aspects about the program’s success.”

Stephen Gorski, Law Offices of Stephen Gorski 

“… they feature great mediators who get results—the case settled.”

Theodora LeeLittler Mendelson