East Meets West: BASF’s Director of Membership Connects with Taipei Bar Association


Sally Yen, Deputy Secretary General of The Taipei Bar Association (right), with Leonard Lun, BASF’s Director of Membership

In October, BASF’s Director of Membership, Leonard Lun, had the opportunity to meet with Sally Yen, Deputy Secretary General of The Taipei Bar Association.  The Taipei Bar Association is one of the 16 local bars that form the larger Taiwan Bar.  Topics of discussion ranged from CLE programs to possible information exchange between Taiwanese attorneys and solo and small firm California attorneys.

Leonard periodically meets with foreign bar associations and sees a lot of value in sharing information and ideas.  “Meeting different bar associations from other parts of the world is extremely informative.  To see how other bars do things from member recruitment to implementing CLE programming is very interesting.  There’s always something we can learn from these other organizations.”

International bar association members and staff are encouraged to connect with The Bar Association of San Francisco when their travels take them to the Bay Area. Email Leonard Lun at llun@sfbar.org for more information.