10 Things You Don’t Know About Yush Lee

Yush-LeeBASF Member Yush Lee is the general counsel of RockYou, which offers cross-platform advertising for games. Learn what makes him tick:

1. I will try almost any food at least once. If other people eat it, why not
me? The most unusual thing I’ve eaten is live palm weevil larvae in the Amazon jungle.

2. Even though I took more than ten years of music lessons as a kid, I’m still certifiably tone deaf. You don’t want me at your karaoke party.

3. Before Elena Kagan became Justice Kagan, she was a surprise judge for my 1L mock trial. I tell myself that in a way, I’ve argued in front of the Supreme Court.

4. I read Dear Abby religiously every day as a kid. I really wanted to become an advice columnist. I guess being a lawyer isn’t that far off.

5. Once, when vacationing abroad, I accidentally rented a car with manual transmission. That’s how I ended up learning how to drive stick shift in the mountains of Costa Rica. I’m pretty sure they had to overhaul the transmission after I returned it.

6. I will often play board games with friends for hours, late into the night, despite knowing that my kids will be getting up in a few hours. My current favorite is The Resistance: Avalon, a mafia/werewolf-type game.

7. I really enjoy planning trips – anything from a vacation around the world to Vegas bachelor parties to a cross-country road trip.

8. I love walking as a form of transportation, and I walk regularly from the Caltrain station to the RockYou office in Potrero Hill. Oddly enough though, I dislike hiking – you just waste a few hours to end up exactly where you started.

9. I’m part owner of Grape and Grain, a craft beer and wine bar in downtown San Mateo. My current favorite is Stone Enjoy By, a super-fresh IPA from Escondido.

10. Costco is my favorite store in the world. Where else can you get USDA Prime rib eye steaks, 36 packs of jumbo roll toilet paper, and a car battery, all with a 100% money back guarantee?