Allen Matkins’ Relentless Defense of Elderly Tenant Keeps Her Housed

allen-matkinsThree attorneys from Allen Matkins Leck Gamble Mallory & Natsis, a firm participating in the Justice & Diversity Center’s (JDC) Right to Civil Counsel program, took on full-scope representation for a low-income tenant in a landlord-tenant case and recently prevailed, allowing her to stay in her home.

Thor McLaughlin, Mark Seifert and Ketakee Kane spent 350 hours over two and- a-half years defending an elderly and disabled woman against eviction from the Mission District apartment that has been her home for over 20 years.

The case arose after a new owner purchased the building in which the tenant lived, then claimed that she had caused water damage and improperly sublet a room. Although these claims lacked merit, the landlord aggressively pursued the eviction case, resulting in numerous depositions and extensive written discovery. The landlord also filed a motion for summary judgment, which the Allen Matkins attorneys successfully opposed. Allen Matkins zealously advocated for the tenant, working with her medical care team to get evidence of her chronic and life-threatening illnesses.

Beyond representing the tenant in the litigation, Allen Matkins also collaborated with her social workers to explore support options for her many and changing needs.

Faced with an unwavering defense and the prospect of losing at trial, the landlord recently dismissed the case. The tenant had been allowed to stay in the apartment during the litigation, and will stay in the home going forward.

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