Meet Tyler Hill: Fall 2015 Destination is Law School

Tyler Hill

Tyler Hill

Diversity Pipeline Programs Manager Nicole Britton-Snyder recently caught up with Tyler Hill, a participant in BASF’s Destination Law School (DLS) program who is currently applying to law school for fall 2015. Tyler, who graduated from UC Berkeley in 2013, spoke about her expectations for law school, what she hopes to do with her degree and how DLS has been beneficial for her.

Nicole Britton-Snyder (NBS): Why do you want to go to law school?

Tyler Hill (TH): With a law degree I hope to later return to my community and combat issues surrounding access that disproportionately impact communities of color (housing, healthcare, public safety, etc.). In addition, with a JD/MPP I hope to participate in dialogue at the state level surrounding these pertinent issues and collaborate with law makers regarding possible solutions.

NBS: What aspect of law school are you looking most forward to?

TH: After a year off, I am looking forward to returning to the classroom setting, participating in on campus clinics that provide hands on experience and learning from both my peers and my professors.

NBS: How has our Destination Law School Program helped prepared you for law school?

TH: In re-applying to law school, the program has helped me regroup and figure out what aspects of studying and preparation worked previously and what I should do differently this time around.Through Destination Law School I have had my resume reviewed, received assistance in compiling a summer study schedule and have been placed in contact with others who are in working in fields that I am interested in.

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