HAP Client Brought to Tears By the Advocacy of Her Attorney

HAP client Kreasha Wilson with HAP staff attorney Erin Katayama

HAP client Kreasha Wilson with HAP staff attorney Erin Katayama

Homeless Advocacy Project (HAP) client Kreasha Wilson had lived in her public housing apartment for 22 years. In 2012, she left for a month to take care of the father of her children who had become permanently paralyzed in an accident.

While she was away, strangers broke into her unit, stole her possessions, and took over her unit. When Wilson returned, her house was ransacked; someone else was living in her home and refused to leave. She was forced to sleep on various friends’ couches while she tried to get the San Francisco Housing Authority and the police to remove the squatters and return her apartment.

Unfortunately, she had little luck, plus she was harassed and threatened in the neighborhood because of her efforts. In the meantime, the Housing Authority filed an eviction case against her for illegally subletting her unit, when in fact total strangers had in effect stolen it from her.

Represented by HAP Staff Attorney Erin Katayama, Wilson made an agreement with the Housing Authority to drop the eviction case and move her to an apartment in a much newer and safer complex.

In May of 2014, Wilson moved into her new unit. As she says, “it’s not big, but it’s mine!”

She was so grateful, she came to the HAP office in tears and bearing flowers.

Learn more: For more information about the Homeless Advocacy Project, visit www.sfbar.org/hap.