HAP Staff Testifies at Supervisor Farrell’s Hearing on Homelessness

HAP-testimony-BOS-1Homeless Advocacy Project (HAP) staff attorney Erin Katayama testified last week at a hearing focused on housing and homelessness in San Francisco. The May 7 hearing, titled The Housing Ladder and Evictions from Publicly Funded Housing Units, is one in a series of hearings convened by Supervisor Mark Farrell to analyze programs and services for San Francisco’s homeless population.

Katayama talked about the work HAP does to try to prevent evictions from subsidized housing, and the need for more services for clients who are especially vulnerable.  She also asked the committee to consider holding an additional hearing to address the special problems of single adult men, who HAP believes make up the majority of homeless persons in San Francisco.

For more information on the May 7 hearing, visit the Board of Supervisor’s website to see meeting minutes and action details.

Three more meetings are scheduled to be held this month:

  • May 14: Services and Solutions for Women and Families Experiencing Homelessness
  • May 21: Services and Solutions for Veterans and Seniors Experiencing Homelessness
  • May 28: Services and Solutions for Transitional-Aged Youth, Unaccompanied Youth, and LGBT Persons Experiencing Homelessness

For more details, visit https://sfgov.legistar.com/Calendar.aspx