BASF Members Make a Difference: Meet Elizabeth Loh

Leonard Lun, Director of Membership, BASF

loh-02BASF’s 2014 membership theme is “You Make a Difference. We Make It Easier” and Elizabeth Loh is making a difference in the lives of those in our community. Leonard Lun, director of Membership, sat down with Loh to learn more about how she is making that difference and the role BASF plays in both her professional and personal lives.

Leonard Lun (LL):How long have you been an attorney and what type of law do you practice?

Elizabeth Loh (EL): I am an Employee Benefits attorney. I am at the law firm Trucker Huss and my practice primarily focuses on health and welfare plans. I have been an attorney for about 14 years (and this statement makes me feel very old!)

LL: How long have you been a BASF member and why did you join?

EL: I became a member of BASF shortly after joining Trucker Huss. At the time, I joined BASF as a way to network with other junior attorneys practicing in my field of law. My law firm also is very involved with BASF (e.g., with the Barrister’s Taxation Section, and various BASF sponsored diversity initiatives).

LL:Can you tell us how you make a difference in our community and how BASF makes it easier for you to do so?

EL: I am a co-chair of the Asian American Bar Association (AABA) Employment Committee, which actively reaches out to law students and junior attorneys and provides opportunities for these students/attorneys to network and practice their job search skills. For example, we have hosted various speed networking events, and resume review workshops. BASF has been incredibly supportive of our efforts. Members of BASF usually attend our Employment Committee events.

LL: How have you made your BASF membership work for you?

EL: I frequently take advantage of BASF’s extensive CLE offerings.

LL: What has been your favorite BASF event you have attended and why?

EL: I had the opportunity to teach a class regarding health and welfare compliance through BASF’s Justice & Diversity Center. I really enjoyed interacting with the employers who attended this class.

LL: What is your “dream job”?

EL: My current job is definitely my “dream job.” My field of law is going through groundbreaking changes (e.g., with the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act). I enjoy helping my clients navigate through all of their new compliance obligations. It’s an exciting period of time to be a health and welfare attorney!

LL: Would you recommend BASF membership to other attorneys?

EL: Definitely. BASF is a great resource for attorneys. I feel fortunate to be a member of the BASF community.

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