JDC Volunteer Bridget Ausman, Mother of Four, Makes Time to Help Family Law Litigants

Stephanie Bilinksi, Family Law Project Staff Attorney Justice & Diversity Center

The Justice & Diversity Center (JDC) is pleased to feature Bridget Ausman, who volunteers with our Family Law Project. Ausman began volunteering with JDC while attending UC Hastings, then as soon as she became licensed to practice law in December 2012, took on a family law case with child custody issues. She currently focuses her practice on family law and estate planning, and consults on employment and contracts.

Ausman grew up on an avocado grove in San Diego County. She began law school after the youngest of her four children began school. She and her family moved to Scotland for two years so she could attend law school at the University of Glasgow and receive a Bachelor of Laws. Ausman and her family then moved to San Francisco and she received her Master of Laws (LL.M.) from UC Hastings.

Ausman volunteers with JDC because she enjoys helping people in need, and reports that all of her clients have been very gracious and thankful. She also appreciates that volunteering “takes her out of her comfort zone” and challenges her to learn about different areas of law. In one case, Ausman is representing a client in a dissolution matter that touches on virtually every issue to be found in a family law case including jurisdictional issues, legal issues regarding child support, cultural differences, claims of parental alienation, retirement, and what happens when a family falls into poverty. Through this case she has been able to learn various family law issues while having support and mentorship through JDC. Finally, through volunteering, Ausman has met “smart, very nice and helpful” fellow attorneys.

To find out how you and/or your firm can assist low-income litigants through JDC’s Family Law Project, email probono@sfbar.org.