Network Like a Pro

David King Keller, PhD

As an attorney, whether you are solo or AmLaw 100, success is more quickly accorded to the rainmakers. As you consider mastering the art and science of new revenue generation through business development, it is essential that you develop the desire and skills to network like a pro. If you are currently un- or underemployed, this information is even more important.

Network like a pro by getting yourself out there both physically and through all available media.

Whenever you get a chance, speak, lecture, and teach at schools and organizations. Join and volunteer at many different clubs, nonprofits, and charities where you might meet potential clients. Become a board member in one or more organizations after examining the current board to verify that these are people who can provide business, or open doors to new business relationships.

Consider joining the Legal Marketing Association (LMA). The Legal Marketing Association is a not-for-profit organization that serves the needs and maintains the professional standards of the men and women involved in marketing, business development, client service, and communications within the legal profession and they regularly provide seminars on how to grow revenue by growing one’s practice.

If you ever work with in-house counsel set up a lunch with the nearest executive director of the regional office of the Association of Corporate Counsel. If you’re in litigation, then join the Association of Business Trial Lawyers, but first be sure to have lunch with the executive director for your geographic area. Every association meeting linked to your practice area is a must-attend, at least once, to test the networking potential in that arena.

And join your local bar association.  The relationships you establish through bar events, by sitting on boards, volunteering for community events and doing pro bono work will be returned to you in numerous ways.

Establish a strong powerful presence on the website.  Review your company’s website and identify other lawyers who have designed an impressive bio on their firm’s site and seek to model, the form, structure, and to the extent possible, the content of those that impress you. Be sure to have a very professional looking photo as that will create the first impression of people going to the website to learn more about you. A good photo says you understand that image isn’t everything, except when it is.

About the author:

DKingKellerDr. David King Keller is the award-winning author of 100 Ways to Grow a Thriving Law Practice and the ABA best seller, The Associate as Rainmaker: Building Your Business Brain. Keller is an Ethics CLE instructor and delivers business development training within an Ethics CLE titled Ethical Business Development Strategies. Contact him at or 415-289-0544 by cell 415-444-6795.