Congratulations to the Community Justice Center Court and the BASF/IDA Conflicts Attorneys Who Helped Build it

Julie Traun, Director of Court Programs, Lawyer Referral and Information Service

Congratulations and deep gratitude to the Indigent Defense Administration‘s Conflicts Panel who committed their time, energy and expertise to building the Community Justice Center (CJC) court to its celebrated status today.

On March 5, the San Francisco Superior Court celebrated the five-year anniversary of this court which opened five years earlier on the same date.

As no public defender staffed this court from August 2009 to March 2012, this court was not only staffed exclusively by conflicts panel attorneys, a core group of attorneys also dedicated hundreds of volunteer hours to build this court by collaborating with CJC staff, bench officers and stakeholders.

The Bar Association of San Francisco wishes to express its deepest gratitude to the attorneys who stepped up to meet the need and assure the success of this court. By spring of 2012, the CJC court had established its importance and its success as one of the Superior Court’s most important collaborative courts.

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