Scholarship Donations Widening the Diversity Pipeline One Attorney at a Time

Nicole Britton-Snyder

The Bay Area Minority Law Student Scholarship program demonstrates the Justice & Diversity Center of The Bar Association of San Francisco’s commitment to advancing diversity in the legal profession.

The program awards diverse first-year Bay Area law students with a $30,000 scholarship based on financial need, academic achievement and their ability to overcome adversity. Since its inception in 1998, eighty scholarships and $1.5 million has been awarded.

Learn more about past scholarship recipients and see what they are doing now.

scholarship-1Daniel Aguilar

Law School: UC Berkeley School of Law, Juris Doctorate, 2007

Years of Scholarship: 2004-2007

Employer: General Counsel, Lux Bus America

Scholarship Benefits:
“Of course, the Bay Area Minority Law Student Scholarship was of great assistance in lessening the economic burden of attending law school. But, more importantly, it provided inspiration and encouragement as I pursued my career, while simultaneously enabling me to interact with friends and networks comprised of other progressive, forward-thinking individuals who are also working on increasing diversity in the legal profession.”


scholarship-2Jora Trang

Law School: UC Berkeley School of Law, Juris Doctorate, 2001

Years of Scholarship: 1998 -2001

Employer: Managing Attorney, Worksafe, Inc.

Scholarship Benefits:
“As a first generation Vietnamese American woman, I arrived at UC Berkeley School of Law with my teenage daughter in tow as a single parent with little savings and familial monetary support. The Bay Area Minority Law Student Scholarship ensured my ability to attend law school while supporting my family and fostering my vision to enter public interest law. I was ultimately able to graduate loan free from law school through this scholarship as well as a multitude of other smaller scholarships and embark upon a public interest career, while supporting my daughter through her first year of college! It made my journey to represent the interests of the low wage immigrant workers while supporting my daughter and aging mother possible.”

To learn more about the Bay Area Minority Law Student Scholarship and ways to support diverse students, please email Nicole Britton-Snyder at