Attorneys Honored at Gideon v. Wainwright Anniversary Reception

2013 marked the 50th Anniversary of Gideon v. Wainwright and on December 10, hundreds gathered to recognize the work of criminal defense lawyers in San Francisco – those on BASF’s indigent defense conflicts panel and those in the Public Defender’s Office, who in combination provide legal representation to more than 20,000 indigent clients annually.

No other county in the state enjoys a more enlightened, engaged and dedicated defense bar. Only San Francisco elects its Public Defender and only San Francisco, through BASF, enjoys such a strong and organized private panel of attorneys who represent all indigent defendants and minors for whom the Public Defender has a conflict of interest.



To mark the occasion, several individuals were honored. From BASF’s Court Appointment Conflicts Panel, Tony Tamburello and Mark Goldrosen, private attorneys who handle the most serious and complex criminal cases, were honored for their extraordinary advocacy, compassion, dedication and legal scholarship, and for setting the standard for criminal defense in our community. BASF’s Criminal Justice Advisory Committee (CJAC) representing the state and federal defense and prosecution bars as well as members of the state and federal bench selected Tamburello and Goldrosen from a long list of nominees submitted by members of the defense bar.

From the Public Defender’s office, Rebecca Young and Sarah Wilner were recognized for their extraordinary representation in the adult and juvenile courts respectively. In addition, Dr. Roland Levy was recognized for his outstanding services and dedication in the field of forensic psychiatry and his long-standing contribution in bridging the mental health system and the criminal justice system.

2013 BASF president Chris Kearney, Public Defender Jeff Adachi, Chief Assistant Matt Gonzalez, CJAC Outgoing Chair Stuart Hanlon and Incoming Chair Teresa Caffese addressed the large gathering. Attendees included members of the state and federal bench, federal and state defense attorneys, investigators, District Attorney George Gascón and Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

BASF and the Office of Public Defender wish to acknowledge the generous contributions from The Veen Firm and Gretchen and Robert Lieff.