BASF Because…

torbittAlison B. Torbitt

Nixon Peabody

Practice Area: Environmental Law

Twitter: @NixonPeabodyLLP

Fun/Interesting fact or facts:

I was an aquatic ecotoxicologist prior to becoming a lawyer. Try saying that one fast!

I became a BASF member because:

  • I wanted to meet other attorneys in San Francisco. As an University of Oregon School of Law graduate, I wanted to expand my local network.
  • Joining BASF allowed me to attend and help plan dozens of CLEs, including hand-choosing the speakers. This has increased my depth of knowledge in environmental and energy law.
  • I wanted to gain leadership experience.

I stay a BASF member because:

  • The CLEs are fantastic in content and the take-away materials make amazing references for my daily practice.
  • BASF is a great organization to support as it provides legal services to the local community that can’t afford them.
  • The people involved, both at the bar and within BASF, are really great. They are interesting, friendly, caring, and well connected.

I am a section chair because:

  • It is a great way to get more involved and force myself to attend and plan events, even when I am inundated with my day job (including my trial date of this coming Monday!)
  • I get to interact with my co-chair and my section members. It adds structure and priority to the relationships, making things happen even when we are all busy (see above).
  • It is a good conversation starter as I build my energy and environmental practice, as well as my leadership experience in the community. It gives credence to my chosen specialty and gives me an opportunity to invite current and potential clients to numerous amazing events.

Alison has been a BASF member since 2012 and we thank her for her continued support.