JDC’s Homeless Advocacy Project: Assisting One Family at a Time

The Washingtons – Mary, her two-year old son, and her two parents – were at imminent risk of homelessness because they had fallen behind on their rent, having used their rent money on medical bills because Mary was attacked and stabbed in front of her building.

Mary is disabled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, depression and a learning disability. The total family income was $571.00 from CalWorks and $400.00 in food stamps. The family lived in their apartment for over 15 years and the unit had many habitability issues.

An attorney from JDC’s Homeless Advocacy Project took the eviction case and signed the family up for a one time grant to pay the back rent from the Season of Sharing Fund; signed the two older parents up for General Assistance; settled the eviction case with a dismissal; and got the landlord to begin fixing the habitability issues. The family is still housed, their income has nearly tripled, and the habitability issues in their home are being fixed.

To learn more about HAP, email probono@sfbar.org.